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"LOOK! I can move my wrist again!"

Reading through the gospels you encounter testimonies after testimonies of healings in many forms. Yet of all the time spent on social media and the news it is rare to see them these days. HOWEVER we still have the anointing to heal through the power of GOD!

The other week we had a guy come up for prayer with a broken wrist---it was disfigured, bones were out of place, swelling was exponential --- it looked nothing like a wrist should look like.  He could not bend it and was in "10 out of 10" pain levels if he tried to move it even slightly.  He said lifting a cup with that hand would cause enough pain to make him scream.  He took off the brace he was wearing and asked a prayer minister to pray (after seeing how disfigured his wrist was, he honestly did NOT have a lot of faith!).  As they were praying, he jolted and looked at the prayer minister and said, "I just got zinged!"  When he asked what he meant, he said he felt a shot of electricity shoot down his arm.  The prayer minister prayed again and soon enough he had almost no pain.  He began to move his wrist back and forth (which he could not do before) and regained almost FULL range of motion without any pain!  He went around the entire room showing people and telling them "Look!!  I can move my wrist again!"

The stories continue and to God be given all the glory! Mahalo for those willing to step forward in faith and receive his miracles!