Surfers Church

“Surfers Church is called to creatively use the gospel to connect, equip and serve Wahiawa, Hawaii and the surf communities around the world.”


What is Surfers Church?

Surfers Church is not only for surfers, but we believe there's a DNA of surf culture within our church that is about freedom, adventure and enjoying God's creation.

We want Surfer's Church to be a "simple church". It's not about the cool worship, lights, etc. It's not about a beautiful church building, it's about people!

We want our church to be an expression of the freedom we believe is found in Jesus. Followers of Jesus is not defined by what they shouldn't do, we're defined by what we're called to do: Travel the world and tell people about Jesus!

We want Surfer's Church to be a big family, that's why we start up our service eating together every saturday at 6:30 pm. As God's people we're called to worship him, that's important to us.

We always have a good time of worship before the word of God is communicated. At 8:30 pm. the service is over and we continue to have ministry time with prayer and worship or you can choose to continue fellowship in the coffee bar and have some dessert.

You're welcomed to join the fellowship of Surfer's Church